Brasserie Pakhuis proudly presents: the ‘Comptoir’

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Brasserie Pakhuis proudly presents: the ‘Comptoir’

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Lobster Bisque €11,10

Home-Made Shrimp Croquettes with Lemon and deep fried Parsley 1 pc - €12,902 pcs - €17,90

Smoked Norwegian Salmon with Parsley and Onions €14,90

Grilled North Sea Crab Claw, Salad with young Courgettes and Radish
from the Organic Garden, Dip with smoked Paprika€17,30

Baby Lobster «à la nage », Oyster Leaves, green and white Asparagus, Vadouvan €26,70

Marinated Mackerel Fillet, Tomato Salsa, marinated Chioggia Beets, Chips with Paprika, Mustard Leafs €14,70

Mousse from “Duke of Berkshire” Ham, Asparagus Salad,
Légumaise with Peas and Tarragon, Leavenbread with Lard  €15,30

Carpaccio from dried Entrecôte and Pastrami “Dierendonck”, pickled and roasted Onions, Chinese Chives Cream, Focaccia€16,70

Asparagus “Flemisch Style” €14,90(*) €21,30

Lukewarm Goat’s Cheese, Caviar from Aubergines, pickled green Bell Peppers,
green Salad, crisp Toast from Leaven Bread €14,30(*) €19,20

Pan-fried Duck Liver, Vinaigrette with red Wine Vinegar with Spring Onions and Bacon,
Sprouts from Belgian Endives and Lettuce from the Organic Garden, Leavenbread Croutons  €17,70

Beef Carpaccio "West Flemisch red", 24 months aged Parmesan, Rucola, creamy Mayonnaise with Mustard and Worcestershire Sauce €14,70

Homemade Goose Liver-Terrine larded with Serrano Ham, Confit Rhubarb, green Salad and Brioche€18,90

1⁄2 Lukewarm served Lobster “Belle-Vue”, Lettuce, Egg and Tomato€28,70

(*) Main Course


Vegetarian Starters

Creamy Spring Soup with Chervil and young Nettles €9,90

“Tzay, 100 % Vegetal product made with dried Tofu”. Stir-fried Tzay, Organic Wheat, Salad with sliced Winter Vegetables  “Le Monde de Mille Couleurs”, Légumaise with Beetroot and Yacón€15,20(*) €19,90

“Veggie Balls”, Mediterranean Vegetable Pickle, Bulgur Salad €13,70(*) €19,70

(*) Main Course


All the dishes on our menu can contain residues of certain allergens defined by law.
In case of food intolerance, please indicate this in time to our staff when you place your order. We will do our best to cater to your every need.