How to eat an oyster: step-by-step guide

Oysters have been enjoyed for centuries and are renowned as a true delicacy. If you've never eaten an oyster before, it's completely understandable. You may find the process a bit intimidating. Opening and eating them might seem daunting at first, but fret not! We'll walk you through the steps of eating an oyster and provide some tips to truly savor the experience.


Step 1: Check the oyster
First and foremost, it's essential to inspect the oyster before opening it. A fresh oyster should be closed tightly. If the shell is slightly open, gently tap on it to see if it closes again. If the oyster doesn't close, it is not suitable for consumption. Be alert!


Step 2: Open the oyster
Once you've confirmed the oyster is fresh, you can open it. Turn the oyster with the flat side facing up and insert an oyster knife where the two shells meet. By twisting the knife, you'll pry open the oyster. Remember to detach the muscle that holds the shells together, allowing it to slide smoothly when you eat it. Keep in mind that practice makes perfect: opening oysters requires some skill, but with the right tools, technique, and a generous dose of patience, you can master it too!


Step 3: Taste the oyster
Now comes the fun part: tasting! There are different ways to eat an oyster. You can detach it from the shell using a fork and then consume it or slurp it directly from the shell. If you want to fully experience the flavor, don't immediately swallow the oyster. Chew it well, at least three times, to allow all the flavors to emerge.


Step 4: Enhance the oyster
Want to elevate the oyster's taste even further? Add a splash of lemon juice and a pinch of pepper for a subtle acidic touch. Be mindful not to overdo it with the quantities, as it may overpower the oyster's flavor, and that would be a shame.


Step 5: Pair with a cold white wine
An oyster becomes even more enjoyable with a glass of cold, white wine. So uncork that bottle and relish the perfect combination of flavors. The fresh and tangy taste of the wine complements the briny flavor of the oyster splendidly. Consider trying a Sauvignon de Touraine, Muscadet or Martin Codax for the perfect flavor pairing, and thank us later!


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