Brasserie Pakhuis supports 'Sign for my future'

We signed for the future! Hopefully you will too?

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Brasserie Pakhuis supports 'Sign for my future'

We signed for the future! Hopefully you will too?

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Tofu strips with Herbs, pan fied Bell Peppers, Tomatoes and green Asparagus, Tahin, Ginger €19,70

“Veggie Carbonara”
Organic Wholemeal Macaroni with Leeks and Chard “Mille Couleurs”, Ricotta €19,30

Asparagus “Flemish Style” €22,10



Scottish Salmon “Quenelles”, Pasta “Orechiette” with creamy Asparagus, Tomatoes and Chervil €25,70

North Sea Fish “Catch of the Day”, Bouillon with Leek-Asparagus, Sea Aster and Fennel, Potato Gnocchi with smoked Paprika €25,00

Squid “à la plancha”, smoked Paprika Powder, creamy Stew with white Beans, smoked Bacon and green Celery, Brocoletti from the Organic Garden “Le Monde des Mille Couleurs” €26,10

Fillet of Cod “à la plancha”, Organic Chard, Bear’s Garlic Jus with Cream, Olive Oil with confit Tomatoes €28,90

Two "Sole Meunière" or two grilled Dover Soles €34,00



Lukewarm served Lobster “Belle-Vue” (+/- 475gr), Lettuce, Egg and Tomato €39,30

Chargrilled Lobster (+/- 475 gr), Seaweed Butter, Basmati Rice with Coconut Milk and diced Vegetables €43,50



Grilled Steak „Limousin“, Tomato Salad from the Organic Greenhouse, Sauce Bearnaise, fresh Fries €22,30

Knuckle of Ham, Oven roasted, „Tierenteyn“ Mustard Cream, Oven roasted Tomato, French Fries €24,90


“West-Flemish Red” Beef Selection

Steak "Tartare", "West Flemisch Red" (raw mince) with French Fries and Mixed Salad140gr - €18,70220gr - €20,90

Steak "Tartare", "West Flemisch Red", "Healhty Eating" (raw mince), mixed Salad and Toast from brown Leavenbread - 140gr €18,30

“West-Flemish Red” Selection from our Butcher “Dierendonck”
Charcoal grilled, Herb Butter with Spring Flowers, Vegetable Pickle with Saffron, crushed Potatoes with Tomatoes, Rocket and Spring Onions €28,70 


From our Farm “Le Devant”

Poulet de Bresse AOP “ Le Devant”

Grilled Pork Rack “Le Devant”, Morrel Sauce, “green & white” Asparagus, Fondant Potato €28,90

Roasted Bresse Chicken “Le Devant”, Lentils “Graines de Curieux” with dried Ham and
Salad with Organic Cabbage Leaves, Cooking Jus Sage and Tomatoes, Potato Mousseline

Leg of Bresse Chicken AOP «Le Devant» €24,30
Fillet of Bresse Chicken AOP «Le Devant» €27,30


All the dishes on our menu can contain residues of certain allergens defined by law.
In case of food intolerance, please indicate this in time to our staff when you place your order. We will do our best to cater to your every need.