The rich history of Brasserie Pakhuis in Ghent


Brasserie Pakhuis is a beautiful building in the center of Ghent with a rich history. The brasserie was first opened on Thursday, October 10, 1991, and has a history intertwined with the Dutry-Colson family, who ran the store "De Grote Paternoster" in the ‘Veldstraat’. The store originally sold ironware, but evolved into household goods and heating. When both, the store and the ‘Veldstraat’, were renovated in 1880, the family bought the adjacent factory for storage space. The building remained in the family's possession until 1987.

Tribute to the industrial history of Pakhuis

The founders of Brasserie Pakhuis paid tribute to the rich, industrial history of the building. The brasserie has been in use since 1991 and is filled with references to the past. The name "Pakhuis" refers to the function of the building between the two world wars. The Dutry-Colson family started EMBALCO (Emballage Coloniale). EMBALCO was specialized in packing and shipping heavy items, such as airplanes, to Congo.

Did you know that the current wine cellar was a shelter during World War II and that the entrance door is still the original gas-tight door?

Brasserie Pakhuis, serving delicious products for over 30 years

Brasserie Pakhuis has been writing its own history since its opening and has been offering quality, flavorful dishes for over 30 years in a cozy, friendly, and comfortable environment. Only trusted suppliers are used, and a preference for local, organic, and fresh products is always chosen. Even in the smallest details such as the use of ecological cleaning products. The brasserie has also developed its own products, such as ‘Bresse’ Chicken, oysters, and Principale beer.

The Pakhuis and its highlights over the years

After Brasserie Pakhuis was established in 1991, it became a partner of the Ghent Film Festival. In 1998, it was taken over by the current owners and has reached many milestones. The brasserie has been in the spotlight several times, including in the popular television series “Flikken.” All the highlights of Brasserie Pakhuis in a row:


  • 1991: Launch of Brasserie Pakhuis
  • 1991: Brasserie Pakhuis becomes a partner of the Ghent Film Festival, to this day
  • 1998: Taken over by the current owners
  • 1998: New Year's Eve show of VRT is recorded as "13th Work of Rob Vanoudenhove"
  • 1999: Start of the tv series ‘Flikken’, with Pakhuis as one of the regular locations
  • 2003: Brasserie Pakhuis becomes a partner of the Gent Jazz Festival
  • 2004: Arrival of current chef-cook: Koen Lefever
  • 2005: Kitchen renovation with introduction of the newest cooking techniques
  • 2006: Brasserie Pakhuis is included in the ‘Bib Gourmand by Michelin’ and remains a constant value to this day
  • 2007: Terrace construction
  • 2007: American singer ‘Lou Reed’ of "The Velvet Underground" lives in Ghent for three weeks and chose Brasserie Pakhuis as his dining place, where he always chose the same table
  • 2008: First oyster market
  • 2009: Mayor ‘Termont’ launches our own beer ‘Principale’, brewed by ‘Van Steenberge’ in Ertvelde
  • 2009: Purchase of the farm 'Le Devant' in France & start breeding our own ‘Bresse’ chicken
  • 2010: First participation in the French competition 'Les Glorieuses De Bresse' - our chickens have been consistently awarded since then!
  • 2016: Renovation of the kitchen and the terrace.

Brasserie Pakhuis looks forward

At brasserie Pakhuis, the rich history is a source of pride and inspiration. Looking back is nice, but looking ahead is even better. So let’s look forward to what brasserie Pakhuis has in store for you in the future. As a true citizen of Ghent would say: d'amuuzeleute!