Lobster Bisque €11,10

Home-Made Shrimp Croquettes with Lemon and deep fried Parsley 1 pc - €13,402 pcs - €17,90

Smoked Norwegian Salmon with Parsley and Onions €14,90

Scallops « à la plancha », stir-fried Belgian Endives, Creamy Vandouvan Sauce, Apples and Sorrels “Mille Couleurs” €18,30

Smoked Herring, Celeriac, Quinoa, Purslane, “Green Ketchup Wakamé” €14,30

Homemade Cheese Croquettes, Daikon and “Tetragonia” Spinach, Sweet and Sour with Mustard Seeds 1 pc - €13,902 pcs - €17,90 

Flan from Bresse Chicken Livers “Le Devant”, Beetroot Caramel, Toast with Onion Compote, Salad with Belgian Endives and Corn Salad €13,10

Lukewarm Goat’s Cheese “Crottin de Chavignol”, Houmous from red Bell Peppers, young Salad Leaves “Mille Couleurs”, Confit Tomatoes, Olives, Croutons from Leavenbread €14,30(*) €19,20

Beef Carpaccio "West Flemisch red", «Originale Harry’s Bar», Parmesan, Rucola, creamy Mayonnaise with Mustard and Worcestershire Sauce €14,70

Homemade Goose Liver-Terrine marbled with Date and Fig Cake, Quince Jelly, Corn Salad and Brioche €18,90

½ Lukewarm served Lobster “Belle-Vue”, Lettuce, Egg and Tomato €27,30 


(*) Main Course


Vegetarian Starters

Organic Celeriac Soup, Onion Cream with Rocket Cress €9,90

Pasta “Triangoli” stuffed with Beetroot, Parsley Root end Celery Jus with Sage Butter €14,30

“Beet” Burger, Bell Pepper Hummus, Salad with Turnip Cabbage and Mizuna, Beach Mushroom Pickle €14,70



All the dishes on our menu can contain residues of certain allergens defined by law.
In case of food intolerance, please indicate this in time to our staff when you place your order. We will do our best to cater to your every need.