Tournée Minérale

Wij willen de mensen die zich inschreven bij Tournée Minérale een hart onder de riem steken door een aantal non-alcoholische drankjes in de kijker te zetten!


Armand Renard
Is a fresh blend of green apple with dill and tarragon.
Armand has a lingerings citric aftertaste making it a perfect match as an appetizer, with salads and fish.

Crodino Spritz
Crodino Spritz is the alcohol-free alternative for anyone who wants to go without alcohol, but not without the pleasure.  With Crodino Spritz you are always “there” and not spoiling the party.

Nona “Fizz” 
Mix of Nona June, “an alcohol-free alternative of Gin, made in Ghent”,
lemon juice and liquorice syrup, the perfect combination!

Cool Carrot 
The deep red hue of this drink is truly something to fall in love with. Organic carrot juice perfectly pairs with a red beet syrup and some pineapple juice.  This is finally topped with some spices for a kick and some fresh sage for aromatics.

Shirley Temple
If you would find any treasure in a temple it would be this divine drink. Organic pomegranate juice and agave syrup complemented by vivid ginger ale works as an excellent aperitif. Cheers!

Nona “June”
The 1st Belgian non-Alcoholic Spirit as an alternative to the classic Gin. Developed by Bio-engineer Charlotte and also the founder.
NONA - nine in Latin - refers to the nine botanicals used  for the non-alcoholic spirit. Served with Fevertree indian tonic